Nano Art Hall

Façade detail (evening view)
facade detail
Slope and Canopy
Slope and Canopy (evenig view)
Nano Art Hall
exterior (evening view)
exterior detail (evening view)
lavatory (1F)
Art Hall (100% lighting)
Art Hall (House light 0%)
Art Hall (Audience side)
Art Hall (Audience side with Control window)
Art Hall (stage)
Staircase (opposite side)
lavatory (M2F)
Free space-B(terrace side)OS
Free space-B(kitchen side)
Small terrace evening view
kitchen (free space-B)
Long terrace
Long terrace evening view
Long terrace evening view (opposite side)
long terrace (free space-B side)
Free space-A
Free space-A (opposite side)
Free space A (to the changing room)
Free space A (from the changing room)
lavatory (2F)
Private room
Private room (evening view)
Bathtub (private)
Sequence (Free Space-B _ Long Terrace _ Free Space-A _ Private Room)